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Community development organizations are needed now more than ever. Your community is counting on you to meet an urgent need for capital in an ever-changing financial landscape. I know what it’s like to balance the urgency of equitable access to capital with the knowledge that your organization is its strongest when it’s growing in a sustainable, strategic way. Let’s align policy with practice- here’s how I can help:

• CDFI Fund Applications
• Program Development
• Loan Policy Revisions
• Gaps Analysis / Organizational Assessments
• Federal, State, and Local Grant Applications

Hi. I’m Anna. I love Clemson football, dogs, and helping CDFIs and nonprofits maximize their impact by thoughtfully scaling up their capacity. I believe a thoughtfully constructed strategy is critical to your organization’s success, especially because we live in a society that’s built to preserve inequity.

I’ve worked in and led nonprofits both large and small and have extensive experience in CDFI and non-profit growth and leadership. The thread that runs through my career is a focus on developing the resources mission-driven organizations need to serve their communities.

Grounded Strategy, Deepened Impact.



With all your resources poured into meeting your mission, it can be a challenge to think about, much less implement, the plans that will allow for sustainable and thoughtful growth. My nonprofit background includes affordable housing development, homelessness prevention, and hunger relief- I know what it’s like to try to meet endless needs with finite resources. Here are some areas where I can help your organization grow:
• Strategic Planning
• Board Development
• Program Development
• Grants Management- Research and Reporting
• Grant Applications- state, federal, corporate, foundations
• Organizational Assessment

Strategic Support for Nonprofits

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